The New Marketing Features LinkedIn Wants You To Know About

Tracy Steffensen

LinkedIn wants small business owners to know that they have your back.

This social networking site with over 500 million users have recently announced they’re making big improvements to their platform to help their members get in front of their target audience.

As a LinkedIn user ourselves, we know that consistent activity across LinkedIn helps build professional brands, and LinkedIn’s new features are a welcome improvement.

Here are the new LinkedIn features you’ll be able to take advantage of soon:

    • Upload multiple photos in a single post. Previously LinkedIn only had the functionality to allow you to to use one photo per post, now you can upload multiple photos in a single post. You can use this new feature to share photos taken from recent events, photos of multiple products in your new catalog or perhaps share images for your upcoming new ad campaign. Only some mobile users can post from their phones for now with multiple image posting only available on iOS (Android and desktop coming soon).LinkedIn_01


    • Post native video directly to LinkedIn. You’ll soon be able to record and post videos directly from the LinkedIn app. This is very exciting since video helps you connect better with your audience and generally results in higher engagement. You can use this to share professional insights and perspectives, show off a product or service, bring testimonials to life, or just talk to your audience. According to LinkedIn, this has started rolling out to a small group of members, but will be available to all soon.Linkedin_02


    • Share your content within LinkedIn beyond. Guests and logged out users of LinkedIn can now see your posts, videos and articles on LinkedIn. Simply grab the post’s URL via the control menu and share it with your friends to other social networking sites and around the web. Below is an example of how your content will appear to readers who are not logged in to LinkedIn.  LinkedIn_03


    • Share a draft of your article before you publish. This is useful if you want to get feedback on an article you’re about to publish. LinkedIn will let you to share your draft articles to anyone via a link. To generate this link, you need to click “Share Draft” option in the article edit menu. People who have these direct links are the only ones who can see the draft.


  • Take control over your comments. To date within LinkedIn there’s been no ability to edit comments. LinkedIn will soon allow you to directly manage the comments on your posts and articles. Through this you can enable or disable a comment any time you want.  Linkedin post - MA Blog

Apart from these new added features, there’s another tool worth mentioning, which we think is very useful to companies with LinkedIn pages.

LinkedIn is now offering companies a way to get better information about just who is visiting their web pages (e.g. person’s job title, company, industry type, and location). 

In LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager advertising service, you can use the new LinkedIn Website Demographics tool to track this information, provided you insert a LinkedIn tag on the pages you want to monitor.

This will allow you to compare how different pages do with different demographic groups and use that data to fine tune your marketing campaigns going forward.

Understand that people increasingly turn to LinkedIn to learn more about a business. With these new improvements in their platform, you now have more options to create meaningful connections with your audience.

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