The Big Flip: Changing delivery from in-person to online

Tracy Steffensen

As the old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Most of us are currently witnessing business owners inventing new solutions and ways to generate revenue and sustain themselves, at a pace and level of creativity we haven’t seen before.

The need to stay at home and isolate is significantly disrupting businesses everywhere, and we are seeing industries and business owners rapidly make the big flip to delivering from in-person to online. For some businesses it will mean the difference between surviving or not – and for others it’s driving significant volume, which brings its own supply and resourcing challenges.

The Kings Of Cool

One of the coolest examples that I’ve stumbled across in my own Facebook feed is Stage Kings. Stage Kings are a stage and set building business for the entertainment industry. They’ve quickly shifted to building self-assembled, home-office solutions that are sold and delivered online, cleverly branded IsoKing desks. Not only that, a percentage of revenue from each sale is donated to an organisation supporting entertainers suddenly out of work as a result of the new social distancing rules and associated shut-downs.

Whilst not everyone has the capability to quickly create and ship a whole new product range, many are using online to do whatever they can do to continue to deliver including:

  • Gyms and yoga studios offering online classes,
  • Virtual assistants becoming virtual babysitters as business owners struggle with working from home,
  • Bricks and mortar retailers furiously working to meet and adapt their operations to online ordering and delivery.

Simple Ways To Maximise Online Effectiveness

If increasing your online presence and offering is how you are keeping your business going through the crisis, here’s some tips:

  • Be proactive. Communication is critical right now. While we’re all being blasted with way too many “COVID-19” or “Crisis” titled emails, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be sending emails too. Get creative about how you word your emails, but make sure you are letting your customers know about any changes as a result of ramping up delivery online and how they can take advantage of it. 
  • Take the time to create good descriptions, images and videos that showcase your product or service as well as possible online.
  • Your potential consumer is dealing with constant changes to their lifestyle. They might not even realise that they need what you offer (for example: The Virtual Babysitter). Don’t be afraid to spend some money on low cost social media advertising to create awareness as quickly as possible.
  • If you’re struggling to keep up, be transparent about waiting times for products or delays.
  • Keep your pricing fair. Avoid charging a premium just because there’s huge demand right now. While it’s tempting to use the crisis as an opportunity to increase profits, the damage to your brand – and the loss of goodwill for taking advantage of a situation where people are suffering – will stay with you long after the crisis has passed.
  • If you are already using Google Ads, review Google’s data for insights into search terms that are increasing or decreasing. For instance, in our own data we can see a sharp drop in people searching for Marketing Agencies but an increase in people looking for online marketing help or email marketing help.  These insights show us where new demand is and where demand has dropped off.

We’d love to help you

Most importantly: if you can, KEEP GOING. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. At Marketing Angels, we would love to be of assistance to anyone who needs it. Reach out for a phone call or guidance at NO OBLIGATION to you via our web site.

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