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Tracy Steffensen

I’m not sure about you, but it certainly feels like there are signs of an awakening in the business environment after our forced COVID-19 slumber. 

Whilst we are all, I am sure, praying that the worst is over, nobody fully knows what the long-term effect for businesses will be. Consumer spending is still supported by job keeper and increased job seeker payments combined with the mortgage and other loan relief provided by the banks.  One thing is for sure, we will be feeling the effects of the virus in our businesses for some time to come.

However, the show must go on. Many businesses are starting to think about how they start to grow again. We’ve put together some tips for how to start planning for a new normal.

Communicate with heart and balance

It is time to let your clients and customers know that you are still in business and in some ways you are returning to normal. This can be very reassuring for customers. Let people know how you are starting to return to normal operations and how you are continuing to help people.

Watch for when people are back in buying mode

Over this period, many, many businesses will have switched their communications and campaigns to “helping” vs “selling”. There will be an appropriate time to start making your marketing messages more sales oriented. If you supply to retail, you might look for a sign that wholesale clients are starting to increase their order volumes, which could be your indicator that it’s time to start actively selling and promoting again.  Similarly, now as social distancing laws start to be relaxed for restaurants and cafes, it might be time to start promoting meal deals and events again.

Analysing search trends across your Google Ads data or Google Analytics data could also provide some key insights.

Start strategising again

It’s time to now start planning for the future. Dig out the plans you had pre-Covid and review what’s changed. What markets have shifted? What drivers have changed in terms of your target market? How should you reposition your price or service in that context? This will help you start your new plan for growth.

If you have got budget, go big on brand

If you still have some marketing budget to spend, continue to work on building brand awareness as much as possible. Now is the time to solidify your brand in the hearts and minds of your market for when they are ready to spend again. Investing in tactics such as Google retargeting, social media and display advertising will help with creating brand awareness. If you’ve got useful content, you can offer in return for an email address. Now’s the time to have this out there so you are building an asset to market to when it’s time to grow again.

Our expert marketing consultants are now working with clients on their recovery plans and can provide help on an hourly, or day basis to assist.

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