Local marketing tips to keep you going through isolation

Tracy Steffensen

Local businesses have been hit harder than many when it comes to the COVID-19 crises. Gyms, yoga studios, nail salons, retail stores, dentists, just to name a few.

Whilst many are adapting to now delivering online or to the front door, there are other ways you can adapt from a local marketing perspective to help your local business survive and build goodwill in your local community for when restrictions are eased.

What is certain is that even when isolation rules are relaxed, things will be different. Many people will still be recovering financially and will have less to spend on local goods and services. So what you do now, could make a big difference in ensuring that you are one of the businesses who will recover quickly.

Here’s our local marketing tips for local businesses:

Stay visible

Don’t fade away. Stay busy and active across all your platforms now more than ever. Ramp up your marketing if you can! Some of your competitors will undoubtedly be reducing their activity, which gives you a limited opportunity to increase your brand presence and grow market share. 

  • If you have a street presence, consider making some large format signs that promote how you’re still delivering now along with any offers.  
  • If you have any advertising budget, consider ramping up your social media ad spend or remarketing display ad spend vs Google Ads. These can help you build a lot of brand awareness when searches for your product or service are likely to be flat-lining or down.

Be responsive and up to date 

Make sure your phone and online customer service is up to scratch. Put whatever notifications you need in place to be able to respond to any phone or customer enquiries quickly.

  • Make sure your online information on opening hours and policies are up to date, paying special attention to your Google My Business business listing to include any updates relating to business impacts or changes to how you are delivering. In particular, take advantage of the fact that Google is allowing businesses to edit their business name field temporarily in their Google My Business listing to accurately reflect their current offering (e.g.  Barry’s Fish Cafe could be changed to Barry’s Fish Takeaway – Open for Delivery) 
  • Look at updating your website to accurately reflect what’s going on right now (e.g. A naturopath might update their website with a site-wide banner saying online consultations are now available and they are doing door to door delivery of  herbs and vitamins to clients).

Buddy Up

It’s true that we really all are in this together. Now more than ever, we should be helping each other. Investigate if there’s a way you can buddy up with another local business to promote your offering to them and vice-versa.  It can be as simple as just promoting each other in a regular newsletter or more complex (e.g. An activewear brand offering a flash sale discount to all online attendees of an online yoga class).


  • Put the most effort into no or low-cost priorities (e.g. Building links back to your website which will help with your organic rankings). Clean up business names, addresses and phone numbers online.  This is critical for businesses wishing to rank in local organic search results because search engines like Google take this data into account when determining which companies to show for geo-targeted searches.

People are valuing their local communities and businesses more than ever.  If we all take care of each other, we will survive the current challenges and hopefully thrive again when things return to normal.  

Remember we’re here to help too. Don’t be afraid to get in touch for a no obligation discussion.

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