How to boost your digital marketing. The essential trends for 2023 you need to know about.

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It's that time of the year again when we explore the top digital marketing trends to help companies to stay ahead of the curve.

In 2023, personalisation will be critical in all marketing efforts as businesses compete for customers’ attention. Digital marketing lets you create hyper-targeted campaigns that deliver a unique, one-to-one message to each customer based on their personal preferences and searches. Digital marketing also allows businesses to reach audiences in new places and build lasting relationships.

Here are 5 effective ways to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors in 2023

  1. Zero-party data strategy is going to be a necessity. Data collection has been impacted by changes in privacy laws and the restrictions on third-party cookie tracking. These challenges will make it difficult for digital marketers who rely on data to make immediate and better-informed decisions in their strategies. Fortunately, we now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Zero-party data is set to replace third-party cookies next year. We will see more businesses looking into various ways to gather zero-party data or data that customers intentionally and proactively share with a brand. Many consider this type of data as more trustworthy than third-party data because it’s the customers themselves who share it willingly. It’s an excellent strategy for personalised customer experiences, achieving higher engagement rates and longer customer lifespans. An example of zero-party data gathering used by many these days is form building. Forms can be simple to keep users engaged, effectively capture leads and get customer feedback. You can use this for your next product or service launch.
  1. Influencer marketing will become a go-to tactic in social media marketing. There is no denying the power of influencer marketing as consumers are increasingly looking to social media for advice, tips, and reviews. A recent report by the influencer marketing platform HypeAuditor estimated their industry to be worth more than $22 billion by 2025. Department stores such as Kmart, Target, Big W, Woolworths and Coles are leading the pack of brands that utilises influencer marketing to grow their reach. Despite many recent issues questioning its effectiveness and ethical issues raised, you would think brands would distance themselves from this type of marketing. But what’s happening is quite the opposite. Industry insiders share that many brands are still willing to spend a portion of their marketing budget on influencers. Our advice to anyone planning to do this type of marketing for the first time is to equip yourself with enough knowledge so that you get the full benefits. Remember, what worked for others may not work for you. You must be careful when choosing the type of influencers for your brand. You will be wasting money if you have chosen the wrong individuals with no relevant audience or reach.
  1. Email marketing will continue to lead the way. This channel will remain, probably outperforming other online marketing strategies regarding customer retention and acquisition. This is because customers prefer to interact with brands via email channels. The most recent State of Marketing Report of Salesforce revealed that email use had increased year over year, accounting for 80% of all outbound messaging based on trillions of messages sent using their platform. Also, the number of outbound emails last year increased by 15%. This sheer volume of sends highlights the effectiveness of this digital channel. Brands and businesses love email marketing because it’s cost-effective, engaging, highly personalised, and can be used in various marketing campaigns like product and service launches, brand awareness, and promotions. 
  1. Automation will be used to support communication channels. More businesses will embrace automation or AI to improve customer experiences and operate more efficiently. Many are now aware of the benefits of automation and continue to invest in AI applications that augment the customer journey — like resolving customer identities and driving next-best offers in real-time. Instant gratification is required and expected in the digital age. Delays or having to wait are going to lead customers to go elsewhere. The key is being proactive, not reactive and being there at the right time customers are exploring. AI can optimise and bring value to your marketing through outbound marketing by analysing prospect list data to determine purchase probabilities for effective email blasts rather than sending cold emails, which have the potential to annoy prospects. Another way you can utilise AI is by developing customer profiles and forecasting product demand. This way, you can improve the customer experience, strengthen your brand, and increase sales. Machine learning identifies social media trends and offers predictive marketing guidelines to reach platform users.
  1. Outsourcing digital marketing services will be the norm. Outsourcing remains a great way to get more impact from your marketing budget, whether you are a small or big company. It could be the difference between making a little progress over the first year to making big moves in the industry for SMEs. Outsourcing your digital marketing to an established marketing agency gives you access to more knowledge, more expertise, more resources, and long-term savings. It’s also a solution to the staffing shortage currently experienced by many companies. No one wants to be held back by opportunities because they lack in-house resources to take over their marketing.

As we move forward after the challenges we faced in the last two years, we need all the help we can get to future-proof our businesses. You are one step closer to strengthening your marketing strategy by being aware of the marketing trends. You need to know your competitors and choose the right strategy and tactics that will work for your business. 

If you need help implementing the digital marketing strategies you have chosen for your business, we can help. 

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