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How to best deal with the very real shortage of skilled marketers

Tracy Steffensen

Labour shortage remains a hot topic in Australia as many companies struggle to bring in new employees and keep existing ones.

You’re not alone if you’re finding it hard to hire experienced and skilled marketers.

Resourcing your marketing team

The pandemic changed marketing and elevated the value and importance of addressing the changing behaviours of consumers. As a result, it upended the marketer’s playbook, challenging the existing rules about customer relationships and building brands—all of a sudden, brands and businesses needed to pivot rapidly or risk losing their market share.

Businesses have had to respond to these changes and expand their marketing teams. With this comes hiring in-house marketing resources, which involves writing the recruitment ad, and the interview, qualifying them, and managing them. In general, an entry-level marketer will cost you $65,00+, a mid-level marketer will cost you $80,000+ and a Marketing Manager will cost you $100,000 – $140,000+.

Many businesses we’ve talked to are finding it hard to hire experienced marketers. The shortage of skilled marketers and increased demand for work flexibility is becoming an issue for many business owners. Even lucrative benefits are no guarantee that your new employees will stay, given the many current opportunities out there.
There is a way around this problem and that is to outsource your marketing. It’s one feasible solution that’s always been available to businesses; however, many companies have not taken advantage of it because they couldn’t see the benefits. 

The City of Parramatta came to us because they needed assistance to run their Winterlight and Burramatta events marketing. They were short-staffed and needed help creating a marketing plan to improve their crowd number at both events. Despite the short time frame to run these two events, we were able to deliver for them and surpass all targets set. Read more.

Here are some of the significant advantages of outsourcing your marketing to highly skilled marketing professionals with years of experience.

    • You no longer need to search long and hard to build your marketing team. When you hire a marketing agency, you automatically get an entire team of experts that can successfully manage all your unique marketing needs. You eliminate the onboarding process, which you need to do for newly hired employees. As soon as you start the engagement, you hit the ground running. Together you can identify your goals and challenges and develop strategies and tactics. If you get the whole marketing package, you can leave the implementation to them and start focusing on other aspects of your business that need your attention.
    • You are looking at cost savings. Many fear the costs of getting a third-party marketing partner is too much. But in reality, hiring an in-house team of marketing experts can turn out to be more costly. Hiring people with top skill sets to keep you competitive in today’s digital world requires $$$. There’s no guarantee that your in-house marketing team will stay with you until you achieve your goals. In comparison, outsourcing your marketing allows you to control your costs. You get cost savings on industry tools and subscriptions as the agencies have these resources. Your partner agency can provide the resources to execute your marketing plan, ensuring full-circle success. 
    • You get new perspectives and skills. We have all been stuck in a routine at times, which leads us to use the same strategies or tactics and not consider other options. The drastic change in consumer behaviour has made keeping outdated marketing strategies a death sentence for your business. Outsourcing is a great way to change things up. Agencies have the experience and skills necessary to always obtain the best possible results because they have the know-how. They can offer you a new perspective on your business and suggest new ideas to increase leads
    • You can launch successful campaigns within a short period of time. Marketing agencies offer a wide range of services to help businesses. Whether it’s a one-time website redesign or continuous marketing services, agencies offer flexibility in their services and projects. 

In a nutshell, it’s always best to know your options. Outsourced marketing is not as expensive and complicated as you think. If you have difficulty building a strong in-house marketing team, search for a trusted marketing agency to help you out.

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