Breaking down our branding process

Tracy Steffensen

So why did we choose to change our branding?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to our humble beginnings. The Marketing Angels name was conjured up over a glass of wine one evening in October 2001. Two women who were experienced marketers saw a gap in the market for providing outsourced marketing services to SMEs. They developed the Marketing Angels business model that gave SMEs the skills they needed and enabled the founders the flexibility to easily juggle work and everyday life thus creating the perfect balance.

There have been many changes to the business since those early days. Our clients today are more sophisticated and we felt we needed to reflect that in our own branding. We realised that we needed to be relevant to a new generation of business owners and marketers (some we might add have never seen Charlie’s Angels either the TV show or the movie).

Our biggest fear with the rebrand was that people would comment on how memorable our branding was and in particular the “Charlie’s Angels Inspired” image, would we now become less memorable?

get smarter marketing logoWith that in mind, the brief for our new design required a lot of thought and just a hint of bravery. We looked at options from both sides, retaining the old logo and then designing something completely different. We wanted to maintain our distinctive red colouring, retain the sense of energy, edginess and cheekiness that had worked so well for us over the past 15 years. And of course, we ultimately required a more sophisticated, contemporary feel.

We’re fond of a particular saying here at Marketing Angels HQ, we believe you should “drink your own champagne” so who better than to work with our own Creative Director to understand our brand, our business and of course our Angels. During the process we kept those involved to a minimum, i.e. Key stakeholders and Directors, trust us – we’ve learnt from previous experience that if many are involved, you’re dealing with too many opinions, egos and it all ends up getting frustrating and often losing sight of the end objective.

The results.

We ended up with a blend of 2 ideas.


Marketing Angels branding logoMarketing Angels branding process

Marketing Angels Logo

Marketing Angels Logo

Marketing Angels Logo branding


We only launched the new brand when we were 100% ready.

Marketing Angels Logo


That meant changing everything including:

  • Logo
  • Business Cards and Letterhead
  • Email Signature
  • Google +
  • Social Media pages
  • Google Maps
  • Quote templates, Invoices,
  • Newsletters
  • Imagery and Photography

So now we have all of our new branding, its time to shout it from the rooftops. We’ve been very social about it and of course telling you in this blog as well as telling pretty much every person we’ve come into contact with.

In the short time since we’ve launched our new brand, we’re delighted to see an increase in enquiries, reduced bounce rate from our website, visitors are spending a lot more time on the new website and the number of pages viewed has also increased.

Here’s our advice if you want to refresh your branding or create a new brand?

  • Don’t rush it.
  • Don’t skimp on it – invest in great design.
  • Don’t compromise – if it isn’t on brand and isn’t consistent with what you want out there – keep going back until it’s right.
  • Take the opportunity to really review everything until it’s the best it can be.

You’ll always wished you’d done it sooner.

Get smarter marketing

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