A quick cheat sheet for marketing on Snapchat

Tracy Steffensen

With Snapchat’s global audience estimated to be 150 million daily active users, and video traffic of a jaw-dropping 10 billion views per day, it’s yet another social network we need to get our head around!

Snapchat in Australia

Australia has an estimated over 3 million daily active Snapchat users as of March 2016. Although it’s small compared to Facebook’s 15 million, it’s real advantage is the youth of it’s users. Snapchat gives brands a way to connect with an audience that is increasingly turning away from traditional advertising channels.

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Why you would invest resources in Snapchat?

Snapchat gives brands a low-cost, highly personal and engaging way to  connect with people. . It offers many opportunities to brands such as:

  1. A way to reach a new market segment – Snapchat’s core audience is aged between 13 – 24. In Australia, 47% of Snapchat users are aged between 16 and 25.
  2. Access to new tools they’ve never used before.
  3. An opportunity to innovate and stand out from the crowd. There are few brands on Snapchat compared to more crowded platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

What’s unique about Snapchat

The reasons why Snapchat can be a great marketing tool for business lies in its many features including:

  • Its tools. Snapchat’s “Live Stories” tool allows users to broadcast video clips and photos to their contacts for 24-hour periods. The snaps are then assembled by people and stitched-together, offering true storytelling potential.
  • FOMO drives engagement. The temporary nature of a Snapchat is a real advantage. Snapchat forces users into “active” use of the platform. Users are motivated to consume a brand’s content before it expires. Thereby, guaranteeing more eyeballs, a greater possibility of engagement and the ability to build strong relationships with a potential customer. It also means brands have to produce content regularly, that is highly  targeted to their audience.
  • It has a committed audience. Instead of users searching for you via profiles, they seek you out directly via username or QR code. You  know that anyone who is  looking  for you is already interested in your brand.  You have an opportunity to engage  them with unique experiences, product launches, contests, and behind-the-scenes content.
  • Content is of a higher quality and more authentic. Millennials are hard to please. Studies have shown that they don’t usually respond positively to traditional marketing. Instead, they want authentic content and personalities. Again, this is Snapchat’s strong suit. The platform provides an alternate avenue for brands to showcase their authentic personalities.

What to post?

The most important thing to keep in mind, when it comes to content on this platform is to keep it fun!  Here are a few Snapchat posting ideas to try:

  1. Teasers – Show behind the scenes content of your brand whether it’s a new product, service, or an upcoming event. Remember, people love “sneak peeks”.
  2. Offers and promotions – This is an ingenious way to innovate on your promos. Instead of publishing them on your other social media accounts or newsletter, why not send snaps of offers? Your followers can then screenshot them and use to claim their prizes. The campaign’s performance can easily be measured based on how many people screenshotted the snap, or used the code.
  3. Storytelling – Be interesting! Add snaps/video using ‘My Story’ that will be visible to users for 24 hours. This allows you to bring your audience a digestible, creative, and engaging message. You can also create a succession of videos (10 seconds long), providing  a ‘multi-story telling’ effect.
  4. Filters – Snapchat filters and lenses are a great way to engage your audience and establish brand awareness. Make your audience use special filters to adorn their selfies. Take your cue from the success of Gatorade and Cadbury that used this same strategy.

Examples of Brands on Snapchat

As more and more brands leverage Snapchat to achieve their marketing goals, it is also getting harder for others to ignore its potential benefits. Here are are just some of the Australian brands who have jumped into the Snapchat bandwagon:

1. Qantas [qantas] – Qantas recently joined Snapchat in a bid to give their customers an unprecedented insight into their operations through the perspective of their employees. Cabin crew and airport ground staff give users an inside view into the day to day work life of the Airline.

Qantas - Snapchat

2. Commonwealth Bank [CommBankSnaps] – By joining Snapchat, CommBank are offering “financial hints and tips with a twist” to their audience, as well as encouraging feedback and recommendations from their customers.

Commonwealth -Snapchat2

3. Bellabox [bellaboxaust] – Australia’s first beauty box service is offering behind the scenes snaps, beauty tips and more!


4. KFC Australia [kfcaustralia] – To create a “dialogue” with their younger audience, the food company launched its latest product ‘Double Soft Shell Zinger Taco’ via Snapchat. According to KFC, their snaps were viewed 3,000 times within the first three hours of being active on the app.

kfc australia - snapchat

5. Oak [OakMilk] – The milk drink brand’s first activity on Snapchat was to test a one-second coupon. They offered free Oak to users who could take a screenshot of the snap.

Oak-Milk - snapchat

If you are looking for a new way to connect with your customers, Snapchat is worth exploring. It’s a fun and innovative way to create a buzz for your brand or new product whilst also having some fun.

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