6 Strategies to unlock the full potential of your new website

Tracy Steffensen

Launching a new website can be a challenging task, particularly if the initial attempt did not meet expectations. It involves meticulous planning, strategic decision making and skillful execution. When starting anew, businesses frequently face additional obstacles and hurdles that further complicate the process.

The brainstorming process, where you come up with great ideas to highlight the strengths of the business, is the fun part of the process. The hard part is making everything work according to plan.

An essential aspect of launching a website is the need for marketing efforts to garner attention and generate traffic for your newly established site. Simply launching a website and hoping people will find it is not enough. Without proper marketing, all the hard work put into building the website could go to waste. It is essential to actively promote and market your website post-launch to maximise its reach and impact.

Once your brand new website is built, it needs to make its debut to the world. Here’s a checklist of tasks to get the best results:

  1. Set up your web analytics. This is the first thing you should do before you go full blast with your marketing. This tool will help you measure what marketing tactics best drive traffic to your website or what pages drive sales or campaign goals. If you can’t make sense of the data you have, seek the help of a marketing expert. It’s essential that you know how to benchmark and track visitor engagements within your website. We recommend you explore Google Analytics as it’s one of the best web analytic tools in the market.
  2. Initiate your SEO efforts right away. Search Engine Optimisation is not a choice but a necessity! Achieving high visibility is crucial for a successful website launch. Implement various web strategies under SEO to drive website traffic, enhance search engine rankings and ensure proper indexing by search engines. Validate your website using Google and Bing’s Webmaster tools. Confirm your website’s inclusion in online business directories. If already listed, claim your listing and verify the accuracy of your business details such as address, contact information, website URL, social media profiles, email addresses and description.
  3. Commence your email marketing campaign. Once you’ve completed analytics and SEO, it’s time to unveil your brand new website through an exciting email announcement. Spread the news among your friends, clients and business contacts. Email marketing offers a cost effective way to reach your target audience. Create a compelling message and design to maximise its impact. Align the email announcement with the new website’s look and feel. Include direct links to featured pages (for the new website) or explain the reasons behind the redesign (for relaunch). Incorporate clear call to action (CTA) buttons to drive visitors to your website and encourage sharing. Make it effortless for visitors to subscribe to news and updates, expanding your email mailing list and widening your market reach. Lastly, monitor and analyse the campaign’s results to enhance your future strategies.
  4. Embark on or sustain your blogging efforts. Utilise a compelling blog or series of blogs to narrate the journey behind your website and the reasons for your investment. Elaborate on your goals and the exciting offerings your audience can expect from your business. Incorporate relevant keywords to boost traffic. Remember to integrate social media sharing buttons, allowing readers to share your posts across various platforms easily.
  5. Ignite a buzz on social media platforms. Leverage your familiarity with social media to amplify your website and content visibility. Write impactful announcements precisely, striking a balance between capturing attention and avoiding excessive posting. Tailor your messages to resonate with the audience on each platform, utilising hashtags on Twitter or Instagram, for instance. Consistently share compelling and interactive content across social channels to bolster your online search rankings and engage with your audience effectively.
  6. Revamp your marketing collateral and online platforms to align with your new website launch. Update everything from email signatures to social media profiles, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Consider customising your email templates to reflect the fresh website design, reinforcing your brand’s visual identity. This holistic approach maximises the impact of your launch and presents a cohesive and professional image to your audience.

Prioritise proofreading and testing to ensure a seamless user experience. Don’t let grammar mistakes, typos and broken links overshadow the excitement of your website launch. Double-check every page and feature to eliminate errors, ensuring your website reflects the professionalism and quality your business deserves.

Finally, following through with your marketing campaigns is crucial even after the website launch. Avoid letting your campaigns fizzle out by having a solid plan and continuously improving your strategies.

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