6 Business-to-business marketing mistakes to avoid

Tracy Steffensen

We have seen many mistakes companies make with their marketing. This is no surprise, given that marketing is a complex process, and it takes time to get it right.

We have seen many mistakes companies make with their marketing. This is no surprise, given that marketing is a complex process, and it takes time to get it right.  

  1. Incorrect product positioning. The most common sign of weak positioning is when people don’t understand what you do. Positioning is about establishing a unique and distinctive niche for your product or service amongst your competitors through proper market research. Market research done correctly is the key to making the right decisions. Using the data gathered,  you should be able to accurately pinpoint who your product or service should be sold to and what you should tell your target market. Of course, the messaging can’t be one-size-fits-all. Know what to emphasise in messages to different audiences. This is where some businesses, including big brands, still get it wrong. Sometimes the language does not resonate with their prospects or is too vague, leaving them wondering what the product or service can do for them. Another misstep that sabotages positioning is focusing too much or too little on differentiation or what makes you stand out from the rest. Differentiation matters when you face strong competition, so profits suffer when your positioning is off. You won’t be able to create enough leverage from your development, sales and marketing efforts. On top of that, your cost of doing business will be far higher than your competitors that get positioning right. 
  1. Not setting up your analytics to correctly track your leads. Leads can come into a business via various channels and conversions. The tracking begins at the lead’s initial touchpoint and ends with them making a purchase. Relying on customer feedback and guesswork won’t get you accurate data. Without proper lead tracking, you won’t be able to dig in and understand how many sales each channel, campaign, and keyword is driving. To address this problem, you need to take an informed approach to reduce waste and focus your marketing budget on the sources driving the most high-quality leads. Set up tools like Google Analytics to better understand your customers and use the available business insights to improve your sales funnel to drive new sales quicker.
  1. Buying technology and not knowing how you will use it. We hear this all the time – businesses spending dollars on the latest marketing technology only to realise later that it doesn’t work with the other technologies they have or they don’t have the expertise to maximise the new tech. Getting up to speed with the latest marketing trends and predictions is good business practice. But before you invest in any tool or software, make sure to study it first. What works for other businesses may not work for you. Get an expert opinion. A marketing company can help you decide which technology fits your goals and budget.
  1. Not aligning content assets to the sales funnel. Sales funnels show customers’ potential journey to purchase, from becoming aware of your brand and products to the sale. To turn your prospects into customers, you need content that supports your entire sales funnel, from top to bottom. The problem, however, is that only some of your customers have the same journey. For example, your customer can join the buying cycle at various stages, seek information from different sources (e.g., social media, influencer recommendation), and might get to the penultimate stage of the buying cycle, abandon their purchase, and then come back and buy it later from a different sales channel. This is why you must treat each funnel stage as unique. Then, map your content to the customer’s journey by exposing them to targeted content to move them further down the funnel.
  1. Using social media as a billboard. Businesses should use social media to create meaningful conversations with their target market. If you publish content without interacting with your audience, you do nothing more than place a billboard on your page. If you merely broadcast your content on your social media pages, you will have low reach and poor traffic. But by adding engagement to your social media efforts, your brand awareness will be boosted through shares, reach and impressions. Your business’ brand loyalty and value will improve as you continue to cater to your followers’ needs, find solutions to their problems, and show your commitment to serving your customers well. Digital marketing services are effective in helping companies increase brand awareness, maximise conversion rates, generate leads, and drive sales through a better online presence. Invest in strategies that best fit your business goals.
  1. Not cleaning your database. Over time every business tends to end up with bad or dirty data. This happens when your database is infiltrated by duplicate, insecure, inconsistent, and too much data. When this happens, you end up with ineffective marketing campaigns, poor customer service, privacy violations, misinformed decision-making, misaligned sales and marketing teams, damaged brand reputation, and a slower sales cycle. Whatever CRM platform you are using, set your standardised formats. Where appropriate, consolidate and standardise your data fields, merge duplicate records, delete bad leads, and create and maintain your system regularly.

Even with the best planning, marketing mistakes can still happen. It happens to everyone, even big brands with their own marketing teams. If a marketing plan doesn’t generate the response you want, then it’s time to check what mistakes you are making. Using our tips as a guide, you can do this on your own or hire a marketing partner to review your entire marketing.

By outsourcing your marketing services, you acquire all the expertise, tools and tactics of a comprehensive marketing department that your competitors may have. 

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