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4 Simple mistakes you must avoid with your holiday marketing campaigns

Tracy Steffensen

The holiday season is when sales of most businesses, regardless of industry peak. This is because people tend to spend their time buying food out, on entertainment, travelling, or shopping in-store or online. 

It’s estimated that the holiday season can represent almost 30% of annual sales for businesses, making it the perfect time to get a big boost in revenue. Hence, effective marketing campaigns are needed months or weeks before the holiday season starts. If you are not prepared with the right marketing strategies in place, many buyers will not find you or totally ignore you in favour of your much more aggressive competitors.

To avoid losing your customers to your competitors, don’t make these mistakes when running your holiday marketing campaigns:

  1. Starting too late. The goal is to be top of the mind of your existing customers and target market whilst they are in the research stage. If you start rolling out your holiday campaigns later than your competitors, it will be difficult to catch up, especially in an industry where competition is stiff. In comparison, starting early (around late October) allows you to get in first and can give you ample time to recalibrate your strategies if you are not getting the desired results. Right timing is the key.
  1. Breakdown of your lead nurturing process. After a visitor converts into a lead, you need to nurture them until that lead becomes a customer. By doing so, you are moving prospects from the top to the bottom of your marketing funnel. The right way of doing it is to serve your leads with the right content at the right time. Be sure to match your content with your audience’s needs at each stage throughout their customer journey. For example, before purchasing, a potential customer will ask about product information, dispatch dates, order details, etc. It’s crucial to have a person or system in place to reply to these inquiries as they come in. Establishing automated replies (e.g. Facebook Messenger’s auto reply to deal with basic FAQs) and nurturing marketing campaigns through the holiday period is essential.
  1. Not leveraging social media. People use social media to research products and services, look for reviews and recommendations and follow their favourite brands. It’s a good idea to start early with your holiday campaigns on social media and plan thoroughly. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to get in front of your target market and drive sales. Brighten up your page to reflect the festive mood and create a content calendar with holiday-themed posts. The more likes and shares you get for your content, the greater online visibility your brand will have. Holiday marketing campaigns are also an excellent opportunity to get more recognition from your followers.
  1. Forgetting to upsell or cross-sell your products. Upselling is when you encourage customers to buy an item that was more expensive than their original choice and cross-selling is when you encourage customers to buy an additional item in a related category. This helps increase average order value and exposes customers to a wider range of the brand offering. A more complete product experience helps ensure that a happy customer will return for future purchases.  

Well-planned and well-executed holiday marketing campaigns have the potential to bring in sales that you would otherwise not get from your other campaigns. Remember that many customers know to look for exciting offers and discounts, so cutting prices and announcing sales is not enough anymore.

By using our tips on holiday marketing mistakes to avoid, you can make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace on the busiest time of the year, and avoid turning away customers.

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