10 Tips to maximise your Christmas email marketing

Tracy Steffensen

As Christmas inches ever closer, the importance of email marketing campaigns becomes clear.

During the festive season, consumers actively seek gift ideas and deals, making it the ideal time to leverage email marketing to reach them directly and influence their purchasing decisions. Email campaigns provide a personalised and cost effective way to connect with your audience, ensuring your products or services are top of mind during the shopping rush.

Why email marketing shines in Christmas campaigns

Email marketing has unique advantages that are perfect for Christmas campaigns. First and foremost, it offers unparalleled personalisation. Retailers can analyse customer data to send tailored holiday offers. For instance, if a customer has previously purchased electronics, a retailer could send them exclusive discounts on the latest tech gadgets for holiday gifting. This personalised approach increases the likelihood of conversions.

Secondly, email marketing won’t consume much of your marketing budget. Take the example of a small local bakery. Instead of running expensive TV ads during the Christmas season, which we all know can be costly, they can create an engaging holiday themed email newsletter showcasing their festive baked goods, complete with mouthwatering images and exclusive subscriber only coupons. This targeted approach reaches their existing customer base without breaking the bank, resulting in increased holiday sales.

The beauty of email marketing is that it can effortlessly sync up with other strategies like social media. Think of it as the perfect holiday marketing duo. You can craft your festive message in your emails and then spread the cheer by sharing the same content on your social channels. It’s like giving your audience a double dose of holiday magic, all whilst keeping things smooth and coordinated.


With email marketing as our trusty ally this Christmas season, let’s explore a treasure trove of strategies to capture the hearts and wallets of your festive shoppers through their inboxes.

  1. Create a festive email series: Transform your holiday email campaign into a captivating series. Start early with a teaser email that builds excitement about your upcoming offers. Then, follow up with a series of themed emails, each highlighting a different aspect of your products or services. For example, if you’re an e-commerce site, you could feature “Gifts Under $25,” “Top Tech Gadgets,” or “Home for the Holidays” in separate emails. This keeps your audience engaged and looking forward to your emails throughout the season. Pro Tip: Incorporate countdown timers in your series to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action. Recent studies show that emails with countdown timers can boost conversion rates significantly.

  1. Gift guide for different recipient types: Personalisation is key during this season. Create gift guides tailored to different recipient types. This approach makes it easier for your subscribers to find the perfect gift and increases the likelihood of conversions. Include high quality images, clear product descriptions and direct links for quick and seamless shopping. Pro Tip: Implement dynamic content in your emails to display different gift guides based on the recipient’s past preferences or browsing history. This advanced personalisation technique can significantly improve click through rates.

  1. Interactive advent calendar: Leverage the festive vibes with an interactive advent calendar email campaign. Each day leading up to the big day, send subscribers an email with a surprise. This could be a special discount, a holiday themed tip, or an exclusive sneak peek of a new product. Encourage subscribers to open your emails daily to reveal what’s behind each “calendar door.” Pro Tip: Incorporate gamification elements by allowing subscribers to collect points or rewards for interacting with your advent calendar emails. Recent studies show that gamified emails can increase engagement and drive higher conversions.

  1. Charity partnership: Connect with your audience’s sense of giving by partnering with a charity. Feature a specific charitable cause in your email campaigns, and for every purchase made during the season, donate a portion to that cause. Share stories and updates about the impact of these donations to create an emotional connection with your subscribers. Pro Tip: Highlight your commitment to social responsibility by showcasing the total amount raised for the charity in each email, encouraging subscribers to be a part of the collective effort.

  1. Gamification: Boost engagement by incorporating gamification elements in your emails. Use interactive quizzes, Wordle, scavenger hunt, scratch and win cards, or spin the wheel games to make opening your emails a fun and rewarding experience. Recent insights demonstrate that gamified emails can significantly increase click through rates and time spent reading emails, as subscribers tend to spend more time reading and interacting with the content. Pro Tip: To make it even more effective, tie gamification directly to your holiday promotions, such as offering exclusive discounts or free shipping as rewards for participating.

  1. Personalised gift recommendations: Harness AI-driven product recommendations’ power to suggest personalised gifts based on each subscriber’s past purchases and browsing behaviour. Recent advancements in AI algorithms make this approach more effective than ever, increasing the chances of conversion. Pro Tip: Include a prominent “Shop Now” button that directs subscribers to their personalised product recommendations to streamline the shopping process.

  1. Exclusive VIP access: Create a sense of exclusivity and urgency by offering VIP access to your promotions. Segment your email list to identify your most loyal customers or subscribers and provide them early access to sales, exclusive discounts, or limited edition products. Pro Tip: Clearly communicate these offers’ exclusivity and limited time nature to encourage quick action.

  1. User generated content contest: Encourage your customers to become brand advocates by running a user generated content contest. Ask them to share photos or videos of themselves using your products in holiday settings and offer enticing prizes or discounts for the best submissions. Feature the user generated content in your email campaigns to build trust and authenticity. Pro Tip: Use social proof by showcasing customer reviews and testimonials alongside the user generated content to reinforce the value of your products.

  1. Embrace the outdoors this summer: Tailor your products or services to fit an “Embrace the Outdoors” theme for the summer season. Showcase how your offerings enhance outdoor adventures, whether it’s by providing comfort, convenience, or enjoyment during beach trips, camping getaways, or outdoor BBQs. This theme can help your audience see the value of your products in creating memorable outdoor experiences during the summer holiday season. Pro Tip: Maximise impact with limited time outdoor-themed bundles or packages, encouraging customers to seize the season’s adventures with your tailored offerings.

  1. Exclusive New Year sneak peek: As the season winds down, maintaining engagement is crucial. Launch a New Year preview campaign to thank your subscribers for their holiday support. Offer them an exclusive glimpse into your upcoming plans. Keep the anticipation alive with exclusive updates and early access opportunities throughout the year, creating a sense of community and making your subscribers feel valued. Pro Tip: Fuel excitement by teasing intriguing details about your upcoming offerings without giving everything away. This encourages subscribers to stay connected for exclusive announcements, building a sense of being insiders in your brand’s journey.

The world of email marketing offers a vast canvas of possibilities where creativity knows no bounds. Whilst we’ve unveiled a splendid array of strategies to elevate your Christmas campaigns, remember that the magic truly happens when you inject your unique brand personality into your emails. Learn from others, embrace best practices, but also cherish the freedom to innovate and create moments of sheer wonder for your audience.

As you prepare to dazzle your audience with irresistible email campaigns, remember that the magic of the holidays, paired with professional expertise, can turn your seasonal aspirations into year round successes. Get started now!

May your emails be merry and your conversions be bright!

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